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Welcome to CWJ News ~February 9, 2012

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The Writer's Links page has been completely updated as of Feb 4, 2012

CWCC 2012

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2012

The New Year's Resoltuion list to the right has been part of an email making the rounds. It seemed so appropriate. Typical New Year's Resolution List Many thanks to whoever started it. But the point I'm trying to make is that it is only February and if 2012 is the year you promised yourself that your writing would start 'getting out there' then it is time to make sure you have the tools. Don't forget to check the Updates page for past-the-last-minute additions and new contests.

In a call from a writer who used the CWCC for the first time in 2011, she shared the terrific news that she had entered 17 contests in 2011, and placed in 6 of them. Without the CWCC she would not have known about most of the contests she had entered. I'm putting my hammer away now.

Wait-one more item to hammer: Amazon.com and .ca both have the CWCC 2012 listed for sale-but it looks like it isn't out yet. They take the order, tie your credit card money up, and then never order the book from me--the publisher. I have my own opinions about their motivations. But when an amazon customer calls me and wonders why I haven't supplied the books to amazon so she and her writing friends could use it, I asked her when she reserved her copies. The CWCC was out, and had been out for weeks-but there was no order from them here. I told her that amazon had not contracted with me to supply the books, and if she wanted them, just tell me and we'll get it underway. It turns out she also had friends who were waiting for copies, and she was going to consult with them. Two days later, her order for 4 copies came in, and was shipped the same day. Four people had been waiting, and I would not have known. You have to wonder how many others there are out there.

I am sure it is also happening with another new release from us (White Mountain Publications) Highway Book Shop~Northern Ontario's Unexpected Treasure. I can see the book on both amazon.com and .ca, They have taken the CIP data and the New Book Service the National Library data collects on behalf of booksellers to put the book on their site They don't order the books to fill the orders they have taken. If there are people waiting for it, and they don't think to contact me, they'll be waiting a LONG time, and then never get it. Who are they going to blame? Me, of course. That works in the amazon's favour, putting the independent publishers in a bad light, while they wade into the publishing business themselves

Here are other links to articles on the subject: The Authors Guild on Amazon: Publishing's Ecosystem on the Brink and Publishers And Booksellers See A 'Predatory' Amazon.

Spread the word: if you're waiting for a book and they don't give you a date by which it will be shipped, look for it from the source. The search capabilities of the internet are wonderful.

CWJ Short Fiction Winners April 2011

If it looks as though we are late, and catching up a wide variety of things, we are.

  • FIRST PRIZE ($150), publication and receipt of the 2012 CWJ as well as publication in Choice Works 17 to Judy Glen of Burlington ON for the story Goldilocks

  • SECOND PRIZE ($100), publication and receipt of the 2012 CWJ as well as publication in Choice Works 17 to Jeanette C. Montgomery of Saskatoon SK for her story Don't Forget the Cat Food

  • THIRD PRIZE ($50), publication and receipt of the 2012 CWJ as well as publication in Choice Works 17 to Rachel (Rae) Ceceile Costain of Calgary AB for her story To My Niece I Shall Never Know


    Honourable Mention prize, publication and receipt of CWJ as well as publication in Choice Works 17 to

  • Clara Smith of Victoria BC for her story The Truth About Elephants

  • Marie-Eve Girard of Ajax ON for the story Reality Cheque

  • Charlotte Musial of Sydney NS for the story The Other Woman

Congratulations to all.

The next deadline is April 30, 2012, and the entry fee of $10 includes the HST. Rules available here.

Choice Works 15Choice Works 16

Choice Works 15 and 16

The winning fiction pieces from contests March 2002 through March 2006 were collected into small chapbooks entitled Choice Works which was sent to all winners. Choice Works 16 is a paperback collection of those stories, hopefully making the collection more attractive for bookstores, libraries, and book shelves in general. The stories deserve to gain a wider audience.

Choice Works 15 is the collection of wining entries from September 2006 through April 2010. Winners have been contacted, but if we've missed you, please call or email.