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As a short term solution, this link: Google search of cwj.ca will give you a fairly comprehensive listing of this site's content. It goes on for at least 10 pages.

Add your search terms after the text in the search box to specify your search criteria.(fiction, submissions, names, etc.) The combination of both sets of terms allows you to search for specific content, yet restricts your search to this site.

This Site Index will be in process forever as the site grows. Thank you for your patience, and visit us again. Let us know if this has been helpful.

Site Overview

Site Features

Newsletter Archive This pages links all the Newsletters by date in one place. The most current one is linked on the CWJ Home page.

Writer's Links THE list for information on all topics for Canadian writers: Associations, Reference Sites, information. Take your time.

Contest information is in the CWCC and on the CWCC Updates pages which are listed on our parent company website.

Quote for The Day Short inspirations for your writing day.

Short Fiction Contest

Winners This the most current list form 2011.

Winners Archive Winners from 1996-2010 listed. Frankly the page was getting way too long.

CWJ Issues

TOC List A listing of the issues we have published since Dec 1996 with links to their Table of Contents and other features.

Volume List This is a list of the back issues of the CWJ we are seeking for our archives, as they were published before we took over the magazine.

Submission How-to

These are for information only. The CWJ is not accepting any submissions. Email submission guidelines How-to format shown.

Manuscript format Example of how your manuscript should look--for submission here and to most other places.

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar (CWCC) Main page with the history and rationale behind the CWCC and links to the most current editions.

CWCC Updates page. Updated all year as we get the new or revised contest information.

CWCC by years The ISBN numbers and covers of all the annual editions we have done. Also the first place we post the upcoming edition cover.