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February 2003 Index~Vol.20 No. 1

February 2003 Cover

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk The Saga Continues

4 My Two Cents by Brian T. Daniells

10 Simply Style by Kim Hoelzli Grammar Spotlight 1 or One: When to Write a Number and When to Use a Numeral

61 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters. Tell them you saw them here!

Sidebars on pages 29, 37, 54

Quotes for Thought on pages 6, 15, 23, 47, 60.

Short Fiction Contest Winner

Second Prize Winner

5 Love is in the Air by David L. Kirkland,, St. Charles, MO USA

Honourable Mention Winner

7 The Grotto by Sandra Nikolai, Orleans, ON


12 How to Win Screenwriting Contests by Christina Hamlett Where and how to submit those screenplays for maximum exposure.

16 It's a Great Idea — But Is It A Book? by Carolyn Campbell Staying on track with your novel-writing process.

21 Self-publishing: Letting Go by Valerie Poulin Discussing the trials associated with successful self-publishing.

24 Those Who Can't, Teach by Barry Baldwin A warning about those many writer's workshops.

26 Your True Selfby Dena Thompson The importance of being clear and concise.

28 From The Inside by Harriet May Savitz A look at the changes in the publishing process

30 Success and the Measures of Restlessness by Jennifer Tan Analyzing what can motivate us as writers and how difficult that can be.

33 So You Want To Be a Shakespeare by J.M. Sauvagesse Life for writers without modern conveniences.

39 Organizing Sponsored Travel for Travel Writers bySusan V. Miles Making your vacations a literary investment.

43 The Process of Writing: A Point of Viewby J.L. Burbidge The novel's point of view.

48 The Solace of Fortitude by Cliff Burns Looking back at the life of a writer.


9   Grey Owl by Cheryl Sikomas

11 Why Do I Panic When I See Your Face by Louise Osborn

15 Post Solsticeby J.L. Burbidge

20 Words by Edyth V. Harris

20 Writing Lessons by Joyce-Anne Locking

23 Berceuse by Joyce-Anne Locking

25 Easter Urge by Barry Butson

27 Print by Joyce-Anne Locking.

32 Storyteller by Richard Smith

38 I'm Writing Free Verse Again by Ruth Latta

38 The Reviewer Omitted the Poet's Nameby Joanna M. Weston

42 Aria by Richard Smith

42 the Spider by Helen Dowd

47 The Idol by Bren MacDonald

53 Cliché by Bren MacDonald

54 Poets' Biographies


55 Vintage 2000: League of Canadian Poets

Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

56 Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer by Moira Anderson Allen

Reviewed by Brian T. Daniells

57 The Power of Happiness byJoyce Lozano

Reviewed by Joyce-Anne Locking

59 Canadian Thesaurus by Fitzhenry and Whiteside Limited

Reviewed by Brian T. Daniells