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December 2002
Vol. 19 #6


Deborah Ranchuk

In the uphill battle it has been to catch up issues, and then to get them out to you, it is gratifying to keep hearing the phone calls and reading the letters and emails of encouragement from our patient-beyond-belief subscribers. Thank you.

The Canadian Writer's Journal is unique in Canada. Other Canadian writers' magazines have come and gone, even the online efforts. Finding and reaching the writers in Canada depends on word-of-mouth. And quite often they don't know other writers at the beginning. The school systems across the country do not have enough Canadian content in literature and many other areas. So, someone in public school, or high school does not find out that there are Canadian writers, Canadian writing organizations (the Canadian Authors Association has been around since 1921!) and needs to research where to begin. And now, more than even two or three years ago, that research leads a beginning writer here through the internet.

The CWJ website logged a little over 513,000 visitors in the last twelve months. Many of those may be repeat visits, but it is a significant number by many standards. We will be posting questionnaires, and increasing content to help web visitors. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them. We may not be able to put all of them into place right away, but they need to be on the list.

Deborah Ranchuk