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December 2002 Index~Vol.19 No. 6

December 2002 Cover

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk Onward

4 My Two Cents by Brian T. Daniells

50 Spotlighting the Links by L. Jans. Writers' Newsletters

13 Simply Style by Kim Hoelzli Grammar Spotlight Passive Aggressive: Eight Passive Verbs and How to Avoid Them

63 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters. Tell them you saw them here!

Quotes for Thought on pages 6, 12, 28, 29, 39, 45, 58, 60, 61, 62.

Short Fiction Contest Winner

4 Judges Comments

First Prize Winner

5 Mama Lida by Guilia Mauro, Victoria, BC

Honourable Mention Winner

7 Wired by Barry Daniels, Western Shore, NS

Honourable Mention Winner

10 A Quick Release by Jean Rae Baxter, Hamilton, ON


15 Getting the Pages: How to Make the Most of Your Writing Time by I.J. Schecter (Toronto, ON) Learn how to manage your time and make it count. .

18 Canadian, Eh? by Ruth Latta (Ottawa, ON) So What if it's Canadian!

22 Checking Quality of Translations by Monica Di Santi (Chile) The trouble with translating your work.

24 Writing Hunting Articles for BIG Bucks by Jim Power (Truro, NS) Breaking into the outdoors market.

29 A Stable Christmasby Joyce-Anne Locking (Orillia, ON) What we make of our writing domain.

30 Ten Tips for Psychological Survival in Writing by Bruce Holland Rogers Eugene, OR, USA) Coping with the joys and pangs of writing.

32 The Game of the Name by Kay Parley (Saskatoon, SK) Giving your characters an historically correct and believable name.

35 Reasons Why the English Language is Hard to Learn by Verna Bryan (St. Catharines, ON) Looking at the troubles with our language.

35 Subject to Change byJoyce-Anne Locking (Orillia, ON) Keeping those editors on their toes.

36 Secret Agent Man by Janine Cross (North Vancouver, BC) Weeding out those fraudulent literary agents.

39 Ten Tips to Resumé Writing by Joyce-Anne Locking (Orillia, ON) Custom-making that resumé.

40 Sequential Storytelling: The Art of Comic Book Writing! by Jonathan A. Gilbert Comic Book Writing explained by a Canadian writer who has made a modest living at it for the past 18 years..

46 Writers! by Doreen Holt (North Vancouver, BC) A humorous reflection on business writing..

48 A Readable Feast: One Writer's Annual Reading Plan by Bob Hostetler (Hamilton, OH, USA) Some intriguing ideas for your reading plan in the next year.

52 Let's Hear it for "Zie"! (Gender-neutral Pronouns) by Jerry Jordison (New Liskeard, ON) A take on political correctness today.

55 Write? At Christmastime? by Kay Parley (Saskatoon, SK) Keeping up your craft during the festive season..

57 Building a Poem by Steven Laird (Oshawa, ON) From the start to finish of poetry..


6   Empty Copper Promise by Linda Woolven

Poppies by Joanna M. Weston

14 Birth of a Poem by Glenda Van Wart

17 The Villainous Villanelle by Norma West Linder

22 Ink Drawing by Joyce-Anne Locking

23 The Creases in My Dreams by A. Mary Murphy

28 Aunt Leah Visits by Debbie Sawczak

31 Delivery - Deliverance by Ruth Latta.

34 Loosely Connected by Edyth V. Harris

38 What the Dickens! by Linda Jeays

47 Yermeanersay by Linda Jeays

49 Snowflake Haiku by Elizabeth Symon

59 Poets' Biographies


60 You Can Write a Column by Monica McCabe Cardoza

Reviewed by L. Jans

61 The Judas Hills by Peter Trower

Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

62 Naked at the Podium: The Writer's Guide to Successful Readings byPeter V.T. Kahle & Melanie Workhoven

Reviewed by Brian T. Daniells