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Deborah Ranchuk

It has been a while since this issue was supposed to go out, and so I must time travel back to October 2002 and remember.

Our first email payment was made successfully in the fall of 2002, and has been followed by a few more in the meantime. It is an option, but like most new-fangled ways of doing things, it will take a while to adapt. When we switched our credit card handling from the WynterBlue Thunder Store to PayPalŪ in the fall of 2003, life became easier, and more hectic because of the volume.

The hosting of the National Canadian Authors Association Conference in July 2002 was a success, and brought the writing life closer to many in Northern Ontario, as well as showing off the North to our friends across Canada. They expected to see 'moonscape' and the lush re-forestation and beautiful homes made a huge impression. You can tell people a million times, but if you can show them once, or better still, make them do it once, they will never forget. They won't forget Sudbury 2002.

The one thing I have had to re-learn between the fall of 2002 and now, is the fact that the body does not recover as quickly as it once did. The 14/18 hour days I once took for granted were (and are still) impossible to continue. But since the work I had committed to do was based on former habits, a lot of things went to pieces, and the CWJ was one of the victims.

For those who have been following the news on the website, and have sent messages or called with offers of different kinds of help and support: thank you. As I look at the words, I know and ask that you please recognize, there are times when those two words are all you can say.

They are also totally inadequate to express what those words of support, and encouragement have meant here.

To repeat the message on the website: all back issues will be produced. For some, it means that we will be appearing in your mailboxes with issues 'before'your actual begin date, and for some there will be issues past the date. I have no problem with people receiving a few more issues than they signed up for. Call it thanks again for your patience and support. If you're missing a few, please let us know.

We have added Brian T. Daniells (he gets a kick out of the 'T' for some reason) to our team here who, once he saw the enormity of the back log, still has not run for the hills. So with great hope that he will continue to show great humour in the face of the impossible, we start to put together the next issue. Many thanks.

Deborah Ranchuk