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October 2002 Index~Volume 19 No. 5

CWJ -2002 October cover

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk Remembering

11 Spotlighting the Links by L. Jans. In this issue Writers' Newsletters

12 Simply Style by Kim Hoelzli A new feature on grammar. Write Right: Dealing with Homonyms

63-64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters. Tell them you saw them here!

SIDEBARS on page 34, and 61.

Quotes for Thought on pages 7, 10, 36, 38, 41, 42, 47, 51, and 52.

Short Fiction Contest Winners

Second Prize Winner

5 Guardian Angel by Kathy Sutherland, Westville, NS

Honourable Mention Winner

8 Through the Alley by Michele Green, Belfountain, ON


14 Beware of the Dream Exploiters by Chris Baker Discusses an organization, and a website which exploits the dreams of aspiring poets..

17 Novel Thinking: Reflections on a Process by Charlotte Musial .

20 Weaving It All Together: Celtic Knots, Edgar Allan Poe and Unity in Writing by Cathy Jewison A metaphor concerning plots and fiction.

24 Truant Lies by Robert H. Hostetler One writer's experience.

28 Creating Meaningby Jeanne Pengelly Who we are as writers..

30 We Volunteered by Ruth Latta How writers line up for abuse.

33 Absolute Proof by Kay Parley Proofreading techniques exposed.

35 The Cliché, a Writer's Dilemma by J.B. YorkWhat's in a cliché?

37 To Have Done It! byJoyce-Anne Locking The joys of just writing.

39 The Speaking Edge by Phyllis McDuff The performing writer.

43 Listening to Writing by Bruce Atchison A voice to words.

44 Write An Hour Each Day by Joyce-Anne LockingKeeping the art alive.

46 The Loss of a Journal by Sharon Espeseth How writing becomes your life.

47 Wear A Red Shirt by Joyce-Anne Locking Getting your work appreciated.

48 The Power of the Writer by Jean-François Perot Sometimes we forget the power of a writer.


7   Mining Life by Anne Duke Judd

13 Just Pen and Ink by Kathleen Y. Bergeron

16 A Peace Accord by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

19 they asked me to read him poetry by Joyce-Anne Locking

22 Nightmare by David Alec Knight

23 Two Threads by Dave Boone

23 Fridge Poem by Becky Alexander

27 A Hundred Children by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

29 That Thing and Its Antlers by Louise Osborn

33 A Frog by Louise Osborn

34 Poems by Patricia E. Gilmore

38 When by Andi Shiraz

45 A Poet Reminiscesby Spokeshave

51 Jason by Darren Keegstra

52 By the Lake in Fall by Mary Varley Nielsen

52 gold in Hand by Joyce-Anne Locking

53 Poets' Biographies


54 The ABCs of Writing for Children by Margaret Bunel Edwards

Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

55 More Than Any Human Being Needs to Know About Freelance Writing by Jenna Glatzer

Reviewed by Dee Van Dyk

56 Writing Your Way: Creating A Personal Journal by Ellen Jaffee

Reviewed by Frances Frommer

57 Water Lilies In My Garden by Anna Maria Panunto

Reviewed by L. Jans

58 Dawn of Redemption by Richard Buell

Reviewed by Marjorie Maxwell

60 A Time of Trial: Beyond the Terror of 9/11 edited by Katherine L. Gordon

Reviewed by Deborah Ranchuk