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June 2002 Index~Volume 19 No.3

CWJ -June 2002 cover

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk Summer Reflections

14 Spotlighting the Links by Karin Brideau--Interview with Gill Foss of Canadian Authors Association

58 Market Notes Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines. Due to the timing of this issue, we have included more articles and deferred the already out-dated market section to next issue.

63-64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters. Tell them you saw them here!

SIDEBARS on page 10.

Quotes for Thought on pages 10, 20, 24 33, 37, 41, 46, 48, 57.

Short Fiction Contest Winners

4 March 2002 Winners Announced

First Prize Winner

5 Lovers of the Printed Word by Audrey Schumaker, Vancouver, BC

Honourable Mention Winners

8 The Big Gag by Nickolas J. Haramis, Gloucester, ON

11 Brand Loyaltyby Valerie Losell, Barrie, ON


19 Invisible Words by Julie Rowe The essential words behind the words that finally show.

21 Writing Means Writing by Jim Stokes A timely reminder as to how it gets done.

24 Leonard's Rules of Writing by Leonard Graholm Keeping it simple and to the point.

25 A Dozen Ways To Build A Writing Career by Joyce-Anne Locking Attainable steps to your writing goals.

29 Belief is in the Details: Don't Take the Present For Granted! by K.V. Johansen Avoiding anachronisms and errors in fantasy and historical fiction.

34 The Writer in You by Elizabeth SzuchListening to the small still voice.

36 Go For It! by Mag Mawhinny Reminders for our summer travelling.

38 Off to a Good Start by Kay Parley Strong beginnings, and how to pry them out of your article.

40 Stoddart Meltdown byLinda Hearst News about the distribution problems that affect our industry.

42 Jumping on the New Fiction Authors' Bandwagon by Judy van Rhijn The trends of fiction writing for Canadian authors.

47 Procrastination: The Down Fall of Some Writers and Photographers by Joan AireySound advice and examples.

49 Promoting Your Book in a Competitive World by Debra Purdy KongSound advice and examples.

52 Selected Reference Books on Marketing and Self-promotion.by Debra Purdy Kong

53 Genre Writers Have More Fun by Cathy Jewison Or at least they should have. A Conference attendee makes her choices.

55 Heroes To Love And Villains To Hate by Christina Hamlett How to match one with the other for a compelling piece of fiction.


13 Don't Carry Around Big Books by Barry Butson

20 Atoms by Lini Richarda Grol

23 Breakfast at Mac's by Tom Coatsworth

28 On the Driveway by Jill Harrington-Fox

35 Words by Judy Zarella

46 Let My Words Take Wing by Steve Vernon

52 Hilda's Haven by Wm. M. Bean

58 Poets' Biographies


59 Word Work: Surviving and Thriving as a Writer by Bruce Holland Rogers

Reviewed by Ruth Latta

60 The Canadian Writer's Market by Sandra B.Tooze

Reviewed by Deborah Ranchuk

61 The Ink of Light by Patricia Abram

Reviewed by Joyce-Anne Locking