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April 2002 Editorial

Together Again

Deborah Ranchuk

It's been very busy here. To augment the services to our readers, we have assumed publication of The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2003. The announcement was at the end of the Introduction on page 2 in The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2002 mailed by Mekler & Deahl. (White Mountain Publications is our parent company.) This 78-page publication is crammed with contest and award information arranged chronologically by deadline date.

In the 1986 issues of the CWJ The Writer's Handbook of Canadian Markets was listed for sale. In 1987, the 1987 Canadian Writer's Directory was advertised. Clearly the time to re-unite two convergent publications was again at hand. We need the market information for our Notes section and have compiled many of the same pieces of information for the CWJ.

What this will mean is a Market Notes section in the CWJ without equal; that can only mean good things for our subscribers. For the 2002 edition, contact Mekler & Deahl, 237 Prospect Avenue South, Hamilton, ON L8M 2Z6 and enclose $12 CDN/$10 US (shipping and taxes are included). Tell them you heard about it here.

The other project we are co-ordinating is the national conference of the Canadian Authors Association in Sudbury, ON, July 5-7, 2002. Northern Ink will be an exciting conference and you don't have to be a member to attend. Writing workshops include presentations by Ishbel Moore, Sonja Dunn, Beth Greenwood, Vicki Gilhula, Fred Walker, the Ontario Arts Council and me, among others still to be confirmed. Updates are available online at [ link deleted as it no longer active]and include conference accommodation information, schedule, and registration forms. If you want these by regular mail or by fax, let us know and we'll get them out to you.

In our spare time of course. That has to be the longest-running joke in my life. I could change things to be less busy, and consistently choose not to do so. I cannot imagine looking back on my life for millenia in the next life and regretting activity. I can well imagine wishing I had done more.

So we continue. Stay happy, healthy and connected. Be back in June with the winners of the Short Fiction Contest.

Deborah Ranchuk