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February 2002 Editorial

Still Here After All These Years:

Deborah Ranchuk

We begin our sixth year of the Journal, and the Journal's nineteenth year, a little late due to illness. We are back on track now. As we roll with disbelief into another new year, the anticipation mounts.

At the Welcome Back party we had January 4 to catch up on the holiday news and outline the year ahead, one thing was evident: the year was over already. By the time the schedule for the CWJ was laid down, the holidays, seminars and conferences pencilled in, summer vacations accounted for, book launches anticipated, the year was over. The rest is working the plan.

Our internet server decided on a whim to wipe out the whole database here, so if you sent email to the old address the weekend of December 15th, 2001 and it was returned, do not despair. We were still here, and after that weekend made the move to our domain name and email. The website moved to its high-speed, permanent home at http://www.cwj.ca and the general email is cwj@cwj.ca If you have a question about your subscription, the email is orders@cwj.ca and submissions are better directed to submissions@cwj.ca If you have not done so, please make these changes in your address book and bookmark files. By the time you receive this issue, the old addresses will no longer work.

For those who have extended your best wishes and prayers for my health, keep it up because it looks like it's working. I thank you all for your patience and support.

Deborah Ranchuk