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December 2001 Editorial

Five Years and Counting .

Deborah Ranchuk

This issue marks our fifth anniversary with the Canadian Writer's Journal--twenty-two issues of this magazine. We have appreciated your support, your praise and criticisms, and hope that 2002 will be a stellar year for you and yours.

As part of our anniversary celebration (coffee and chocolates, folks) we announce our move to a reliable high-speed server with our new domain name: www.cwj.ca New email address is cwj@cwj.ca Please change these in your internet bookmark files and address books. The old addresses may work until late January, but not much longer. Spread the word.

The Reader Survey we did in the February 2001 issue was of great assistance as to how we developed this year. I again thank all those who participated. The Web is an important part of the writing scene today, but not exclusively so. We have heard your concerns. At the same time we try to develop resources on the Internet that will serve those who use this important tool. The visitors to our Web address number over 20,000 since January 2000, although this is not currently reflected on the site as we have changed counter providers in that time period. When we post our new internal counter, we will correct the number.

We are excited that this issue addresses an important issue: violence in our writing (p. 16), and a genre we have not covered in five years: sports writing (p.52). The winners for the Short Fiction Contest follow, and the Contest has already received entries for the March 31, 2002 deadline. I am so pleased that the Short Fiction Contest is becoming so hard to judge. The overall caliber of entries has improved so much in the past five years that I am very encouraged about the development of the writing scene in Canada; not all stories are dark and gloomy.

As we pray for peace, we wish all the best to you and your endeavours.

Deborah Ranchuk.