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October 2001 Index~Volume 18 No. 5

CWJ -2001 October cover

Regular Features:

3    From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk - Never The Same Again

11    Spotlighting the Links by Karin Brideau In this issue: Interview with Writer Beware Web Site operator Victoria Strauss

53    NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

63    Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

;SIDEBARS on pages 4 and 33

;Quotes for Thought on pages 2, 4, 10, 24, 27, 28, 31, and 62..

Short Fiction Contest Winners

5    Third Prize Winner:

     The Writing Exorcise by Anne Duke Judd

8    Honourable Mention Winner

     A Lily of the Field by Gail MacMillan


15    Surviving an Anthology: Five Editors Tell How and Why They Did It by Elayne Clift What to watch for in partnering and collaboration.

18    Wasted Time by Dena Thompson New perspective on books vs. electronic searches.

19    Over Achiever? Not Me! by Florence Cardinal When is too late to start a writing career?

21    All Rights? All Right! by Micki Harper Sometimes all rights IS the way to go.

22    Fictional Character Questionnaire by Howard Lauther Discovering your fictional characters characteristics.

25    Local Pages Good News For This Writer by Phyllis Edgerly Ring Newspaper freelancing a stepping stone to many things.

28    Excerpts of Praise by Joyce-Anne Locking Concrete suggestions to keep your motivation positive.

29    Ten Ways to Increase Your Writing by L. Jans Increase your productivity.

32    Personally Yoursby Mag Mawhinney Filtering personal memories and experiences to create real characters.

33    On Polemics and Entropy by Shelley Kozlowski How a few words can undermine our sense of self.

34    You Will Be Inspired To Write! by Donna Marrin One importance of writers' groups in our writing career.

37    Idea Utopia: Blessing or Curse by Sheila Sims Managing too many ideas.

39    The Essence of a Writer by W. Allen Dyck Persistence pays.

41    Writing Light Verse for Fun and Profit, or Who let the Doggerel Out? by Desmond Lindo How-to fun of light verse.


7    Biblical References by Brian Burch

10    Poet's Gift by Deborah Harkness

14    Seal of Fate by Beverly Kyle

17    The Bookworm by David Alec Knight

18    Seeds of Poetry by Karen P Ouellette

20    Wood-wind by David Alec Knight

27    Where Poets Walk by Joyce-Anne Locking

31    The Full Spectrum of Fall by Karen DeLuca Katchmeri

36    Bookshop Writer by Karen P. Ouellette

36    Bare Branches by Jill Harrington-Fox

38    Day's End by Marg Nelson

40    The Shock (September 11, 2001) by John A.C. Gross

45    The Garden by Ruth Latta

46    Print-No Charge by Ronnie R. Brown

52    Girlishly Crinolined Skirts by A. Mary Murphy

47    Poets' Biographies


48    Getting Your Book Published by Robert Bly

Reviewed by Karin Brideau

49    A Passion For The Narrative by Jack Hodgins

Reviewed by Karen Brideau

49    AlphaSmart 3000

Reviewed by Deborah Ranchuk

51    More Light by Hilary Clark

Reviewed by Joyce-Anne Locking