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June 2001 Editorial

New Things We Have Learned:

Deborah Ranchuk

In the CWJ and on our website we have been asking for back copies of the Canadian Writer's Journal so we can flesh out the archives of the magazine. Many thanks to Grace Stevenson for sending us some from 1987 and on.(The exact issues we're missing are listed on the website, or you can call to find out if you have some of the ones we're missing.)

One of the reasons we wanted the archive in place was to research what the CWJ had done in the past. What we found was our daring, bold new move to six issues a year ... is right where the CWJ started out. Everything old is new again. It seems that from 1984 through to 1987 the CWJ started out as a bi-monthly under Ronald Cooke and Mary Alice Daly. It moved to a quarterly publication schedule in 1987 before it was taken over by Gordon Smart in 1988. We've only just moved it back to where it started.

And so once more we find ourselves reflecting on the circles in life. Everything has a cycle, an animation of its own. The CWJ is moving back into its niche as a conveyor of markets and information in a timely fashion. Spread the word.

The Short Fiction Contest attracted ninety-six entries for the March deadline, and we introduce the winners on this page. There are already entries for the September 30th deadline, so it promises to be a healthy competition. Congratulations to all who entered.

Deborah Ranchuk.