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April 2001 Editorial

And The Survey Says:

Deborah Ranchuk

The Reader's Survey responses have been surprising, and we thank all those who took the time to respond. So what have we learned? We have a very loyal readership; 23% have had subscriptions for six years or longer; 10% have been reading us for four to five years; 31% have been with us for at least two to three years; and another 26% have been with us for a year. In any category there are those who chose not to fill it in, and that's fine also; total percentages in any category will not add up to 100% for that reason.

So who are you? 70% are active and/or professional writers; 23% indicate they consider themselves to be novices. 80% are aged 50 and over; 8% are aged 40-49; 10% are ages 30-39; no one younger answered the survey, or admitted to it. Female readers outnumber male readers two to one. Those owning a computer represented 74% but that did not automatically mean access to the internet (64% reported internet access). A sensitivity to the fact that everyone is not computer literate, or intends to be, was mentioned more than once. We always do try to keep that in mind. The website, for those who could access it, was a hit in terms of user friendliness, and information. The Spotlighting the Links column is posted in web format so you don't have to re-type all those pesky links in the column if you would rather just click on them. We make it as easy as possible because that's the way we would like it done for us.

The cover is not why you have the CWJ but we're concerned that you like it enough to leave it handy for your reference; 85% liked it, or loved it. The quotes from the magazine on the back cover of the 2001-February issue were well received: "It grabbed my attention and I went straight away to the article it came from." The new Table of Contents separated into sections was an unexpected success. Sometimes you try things to make your life easier and find that it works for everyone else as well. The Quotes for Thought feature was almost unanimously mentioned as the feature our readers re-type to put over their work desks, or as motivation for their writing. The market Notes section also scored high in usefulness. The Short Fiction contest has been well received, and the fiction is read by most who responded, although not always right away. Most readers are pleased with the variety and mix of articles we present in each issue. More articles focussing on genre writing were mentioned, so we'll keep an eye out for those.

We hope that we continue to serve your needs. Now that we have a better idea of who we are serving, it will help us in our decision-making processes. Thanks for joining us.

Deborah Ranchuk.