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February 2001 Editorial


Deborah Ranchuk

We are proud to present the beginning of our odyssey into bi-monthly publishing schedule. We hope you will that a few minutes to fill in and return the Reader's Survey enclosed with this issue, so we will have a better idea of who our readers are and what they want. The Reader's Survey is also on the web site, and can be printed out, filled in and mailed that way as well. You don't have to fill your name and address in on the bottom, but if you do, we will cut the ballots off and enter them in a draw for the draw to win a one year subscription to the Journal. If you already have a subscription, we'll add the year on to the expiry date.

The first trickle of entries for the Short Fiction Contest deadline of March 31st, 2001 has started. The original deadline of September 30th remains. We are hoping you will spread the word about this additional contest deadline, and send those stories in.

We begin a series of 'computer' articles that will assist most writers using their computers for their craft to harness the technical assistance of these machines more easily and hopefully enable the creative side to be more productive. This issue contains a nice piece on the definitions of 'rights' that seems to be sorely needed, and articles to shape, sharpen, inspire and help carry forward all those wonderful writing resolutions you made for 2001. The article on self-publishing your e-book was originally written from a U.S. perspective, and we've tried to include all the pertinent Canadian differences as well.

The website has continued to evolve, and now the Spotlighting the Links articles (together with their links) will be linked to each issue, and not replaced as it has been. Give us a little time to go back and find the older copies and get them all linked, but the last three issues are there now. The editorial from each issue will now be linked as well. Go to the issue you want to check out, and if there is a link highlighted, we've caught up to that one. For a modest little web site we were proud to see over 2,000 visitors between mid December 2000 and mid January 2001. If there are links for the writer's notes pages you found helpful, please tell us, and we'll see about adding them to this resource.

On a final note, Freedom to Read Week Feb 25th to March 3rd is gaining more and more recognition and we're proud to feature it in this month's Spotlighting the Links. The liberties we have must not be taken for granted.

Deborah Ranchuk.