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February 2001 Index~Volume 18 No. 1

CWJ -2002 October cover

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

12 Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy In this issue: Freedom to Read

58 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS on page 33, 50.

Quotes for Thought on pages 29, 48, 52, 54, 55.

Short Fiction Contest Winners

Second Prize Winner:

4 Romancing The Muse by Christine G. Richardson, Hearst, ON.

Honourable Mention Winner

7 "Before I Forget..." by Maureen James, Winnipeg, MB.

Honourable Mention Winner

10 The Bank Loan by Jiri Soukup, Richmond, ON.


14 Get Organized by M. Bahgat Using computer functions to automate and track your writing progress.

19 Tips on Crits by Kay Parley Excellent guidelines for giving advice.

22 How To Recycle and Resell Your Non-Fiction Articles by Christina Hamlett Definition of "rights" and strong practical methods to re-sell your articles.

25 A Writer's Woes by Irene A. Godin A writer's dilemma with an ever-changing technology.

27 What's in a Name? by Desmond Lindo Tips for naming your special characters.

30 Follow This Advice To Remain An Unknown Writer by Doris Riedweg Humour that allows you to remain an anyonymous apprentice.

32 The Voice in the Poem by Carol A. Adams Sharpening your poetic voice.

34 Writing for Publication: 10 Steps to Success by Linda Jeays Ten steps to aid those New Year's Resolutions.

39 In Search Of A Sale On A Smaller Scale by Max Samuelson A refresher course in writing and marketing pieces for smaller magazines.

44 Self-Publishing Your E-Book by Kyle Looby An insight about online self-publishing.

48 Season's Writings by Dena Thompson Getting ahead on seasonal writings.

49 The Talk About Being a Writer by Joyce-Anne Locking Answers for the inevitable questions about why you write.

51 Here's To All the Unsung Writers by Claudette Sandecki Encouraging authors with reader feedback.

53 Ten Bits of Magic to Bring You a Poem by Joyce-Anne Locking Ideas to jump-start your poetry writing.


9 A Writer's Day Poem by Irene A. Godin

9 Words Nudge Each Other Poem by Irene A. Godin

18 Life's Editor Poem by Alice Frampton

21 On Surgery Poem by Jacquie Lambert

26 Thank You Friend Poem by Pat Waters

29 Sometimes A Smile Poem by David Alec Knight

31 Completion Poem by Wendy Boulay

31 Offering the Shreds by Giovanni Malito

33 Station Point for Channel by Kemeny Babineau

43 Writing For Another Pair of Eyes Poem by Ruth Latta

52 You're Already an Artist Poem by Martin Ciesielski

54 A Name Poem by Joanna M. Weston

54 Raven Calling Poem by Lia Pas

55 The Writer's Life For Me by Steven A. Arts

55 Poets' Biographies

56 Reviews:

Under The Abdominal Wall by Sharon McCartney

Reviewed by Dan Johnson

Writing a Book That Makes a Difference by Philip Gerard

Reviewed by L. Jans