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From the Editor - Sept 2000 Editorial

Onward and Upward:

Deborah Ranchuk

The upcoming Winter edition will mark the end of the fourth year we've had the Canadian Writer's Journal and the beginning of a new bi-monthly publishing schedule. It's not that we actually look for more things to do around here; we have plenty to do without the CWJ. We're proud of the newest releases from White Mountain Publications: Bill Bramah's Ontario Vol. V, Spiritual Intelligence, Women's Talk, Dreams, Nightmares and Dreams Again, and The Ink of Light. We believe the CWJ fills an important place for Canadian writers and whatever is necessary to continue that fine tradition should be accomplished.

We are looking for copies of the Canadian Writer's Journal from the beginning issue through to issue Vol 13 No. 4 (December 1996). We took it over at that time and while we do have some issues prior to that time, we would like to collect a complete set. For a list of the issues we have, please check the list on the website. More on that project as it develops.

We were going to be at WORD ON THE STREET in Ottawa, but then it was cancelled in that city for this year. At the eleventh hour we were told that a space in Toronto had opened up, so we'll be at the Toronto WOTS on the 24th of September. At WOTS we hold a draw for a two-year subscription. This year we will open the draw not only to those who attend the Toronto WOTS but to anyone who sends us their name, address and phone number on a piece of paper with a few comments on the CWJ - what we're doing right, what you'd like to see in it. The cutoff date will be October 31st and the winner announced in the December 2000 edition. For those with web access, we'll have a ballot you can print out on the website, but a formal 'ballot' is not necessary. We're more interested in your thoughts.

The deadline for the Short Fiction Contest is September 30th. The Competition will continue to have First, Second and Third place winners and Honourable mentions. The fiction from the September 30th contest will appear in the December 2000, February 2001, and April 2001 issues. The winners from the new (added) March 31st deadline will appear in the June 2001, August 2001 and October 2001 issues. Then the winners from the September 30th, 2001 deadline will start to appear in December 2001 . . . well you get the idea. Any entries arriving too late for one deadline will be held for the next one. We've already had a significant number of entries this year, and look forward to the challenge of reading them all.

It'll be December before you know it.

Deborah Ranchuk.