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September 2000~Volume 17 No. 3

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

Letters to the Editor

11 Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy In this issue: Various Writing Websites.

53 Poets' Biographies

56 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

63 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS on page 33, 43.

Quotes for Thought on pages 11, 15, 21, 30, 45, 61.

Short Fiction Contest Winners:

Honourable Mention Winner

5 Tree House by Peter Schafrick, Ottawa, ON

Honourable Mention Winner:

8 Sam, Sam, The Honey Man by Lyle Nichol, Toronto, ON.


13 Know Your Markets by Irene A. Godin Researching is to your advantage!

16 Punctilious Punctuation by Marilyn Iva Thomas Adding zip to ordinary phrases.

18 The Land of Lost Ideas by Bob Hostetler Captivating the muse while it strikes.

19 More Craft: The Stanza by Carol A. Adams Formulating poetry with fluidity.

20 The Booming Market Of Self-Expression Productsby Diana Bocco Creative writing for various items.

22 What Do You See? by Gordon M. Smart What happens at the workshop doesn't always reflect what really happened.

24 Characters and Emotions by Dena Thompson Sharing information to develop better characters.

25 Tidy Tips for Efficiency by Elizabeth Szuch Organizing your way through productivity.

28 Just You and You Alone by Irene A. Godin Committing yourself to the solitary world of writing.

30 Nine Ways to Create Your Own Break by Gloria Griepenstroh Tenacity pays off.

34 My Writing Life; And Yours by Janet Overmyer The value of experience in the creation of work.

36 Talking to the Toaster and Other Hazards of Home Work by Diane Goldberg Setting up a home office.

39 The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 of fictional characters by David L. Gebhart Cutting your writing task into thirds.

41 Interview the Experts by E-Mail by Terry L. Stawar Contacting professionals on the Internet.

44 A Successful E-View by Terry L. Stawar Excerpt of an e-mail interview.

45 The Little Things by Dena Thompson Read magazine articles to inspire your flow of ideas.

46 Weaving Characterization by Ruth Kohut Understanding your characters through interwoven tidbits.

51 Why Write? by Pearl Pirie Reasons for putting our thoughts on paper.


4 bedroom landscape Poem by J.P. Lamarche

10 Full Moon Poem by Giovanni Malito

15 Remember Lot's Wife Poem by Carol A. Adams

8 Summer's Emerald Cathedral Poem by David Alec Knight

23 What Can You Expect for Autumn Poem by Jeramy Dodds

24 Writer's Tip Poem by Joyce-Anne Locking

27 Unnamed Poem by Richard Smith

29 Battlefield by Charles Hall

32 Tawny Breezes of Autumn by David Chirko

33 A Prayer For A Sort of Thanks-giving Poem by Jeramy Dodds

38 Racoon mother and sons Poem by John Alan Douglas

38 Restlessness in the Deep Woods Poem by Karen Kraco

40 Put It Into Words Poem by Joyce-Anne Locking

48 Skeletal Being by Tom Coatsworth, Jr.

49 Authorized Haiku Poem by Elizabeth Symon

50 Tracings Poem by Joan McGuire

54 Reviews:

Haunted Waters by Dick Hammond

Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

Writing Lines : a collection of twenty Essays and Poems on the Writing Process by Ruth Latta

Reviewed by Joyce-Anne Locking

On Writing by George V. Higgins

Reviewed by Giovanni Malito