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June 2000~Volume 17 No. 2

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

12 Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy In this issue: Nature Writing Links

56 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

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64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

Quotes for Thought on pages 11, 15, 21, 30, 45, 61.

4 Annual Short Fiction Contest Rules

Short Fiction Contest Winners:

Third Prize Winner:

5 A Dictatorship of Painters by K. J. Hunt, Ottawa, ON

Honourable Mention Winner:

8 Skinby Peter Schafrick, Toronto, ON.

Honourable Mention Winner:

10 Vladislav Tyler by Darcy Olmstead , Toronto, ON.


14 Why Do You Read? by Kay Parley Reasons why reading enhances your writing.

16 When Secret Rules Apply by C.W.E. Johnson Poetry tips from the Muse.

20 Craft: The Power of the Line by Carol A. Adams Mastering the art of line division.

22 Interview with Paul Benza by David Alec Knight A writer's perspective of his experiences.

24 Clip this and pass it along by Claudette Sandecki Sharing goes a long way!

26 A New Way Of Filing by Roger Meyer Reference Indexing Made Easy.

28 Sixteen Winning Ways to Woo the Judges by Jennifer Footman Laying down the contest rules.

31 Interview with Oliver Travers by L. Jans An author's inspiration.

33 The Dynamics of Teaching Literacy To Adult Learners by Anna Panunto Empowering self-esteem with words.

37 You Never Know Where It Might Lead... by A. C. Stone Taking publication chances.

36 How To Grant Publishing Rights To Your Work by Joyce-Anne Locking Retain the rights to your work.

39 Once Upon A Theme by Irene A. Godin Essays to be remembered.

42 Writing About Myself by David G. Hawkins Writing life experiences without the self-pity.

44 Getting Personal About Journals by Irene A. Godin Finding a source of authenticity.

46 Return to Sender by Linda McAvoy The cardinal rule for an S.A.S.E.

48 Return to Sender Editor's Counterpoint by Deborah Ranchuk An Editor's response.

50 Going For The Image by Becky Alexander Empower your works-in-progress with vivid imagery.


9 This Fruit Tree Poem by Kemeny Babineau

9 In Sleep The Poet Dreams Poem by Karin Brideau

21 Bluesy Comets Poem by Barbara Phillips

23 Haiku For A Burning Window Poem by Jeramy Dodds

25 Twilight Eyes Poem by Chuck Michael Ostan

25 Overcast Poem by David Alec Knight

27 Frozen Rain Pellets Poem by Kathryn Davies

32 An Editor's Beatitudes by Bob Hostetler

32 A Writer's Beatitudes by Bob Hostetler

35 Searching for a Music Less Grammatical Poem by Michael deBeyer

35 Writing Poem by Irene A. Godin

38 Stained Glass Moments Poem by Carol A. Adams

41 Follow The Path To Beauty Poem by Joyce-Anne Locking

43 Putting It Into Words by Joyce-Anne Locking

45 Dream Manager Poem by Arnold Walker

47 Days of Make-believe Poem by Patricia Andrews

49 Highline Writer Poem by Jim Erkiletian

51 Words are Never Enough Poem by David MacLennan

52 Each Week in His Life Brings Miracles Poem by Barry Butson

52 Fishing Poem by Barry Smith

53 Espial Poem by Richard Smith

55 The Dam Poem by S. G. Birch


54 Wreck Bay by Brendan Gillen

Reviewed by Beatrice Repp