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March 2000 Index~Volume 17 No. 1

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

4 Letters to the Editor

16 Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy In this issue: Romance writing sites.

57 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

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64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS page 32.

Quotes for Thought on pages 9, 24, 41, 52.

Short Fiction Contest Winners:

Second Prize Winner:

6 Renewal in Rust by Leanne Stam, White Rock, BC.

Honourable Mention Winner:

10 The Old Homestead by Karin Seidemann, Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Honourable Mention Winner:

13 Fighting the Formidable Fly by Dennis E.S. Ewald, Kitchener, ON.

9 Hopes Poem by Sandra Phinney

15 Love Lines Poem by David Alec Knight

15 Volunteer Seedlings Poem by Kathryn Davies

19 Writers Networking for Win-Win Support by Bob Sealey How a writing school advanced this writer.

21 In Other Words Poem by Carol A. Adams

22 Of Monks, the Internet, and Publishing by Karl El-Koura The pros and cons of internet versus print publishing.

25 Creatively Implementing Poetry in the ESLA Classroom by Anna Panunto Self-explanatory.

27 Melting Poem by Barbara Phillips

28 Should a Writer Stay Out of It? by Kay Parley Using the depth of your experiences to create character without the ego.

29 White Ribbons Poem by David Alec Knight

30 Writing Feature Articles by David Alec Knight Aftermath market for different types of feature articles.

31 light first fell deliberate Poem by J. P. Lamarche

31 Lapping Poem by Giovanni Malito

32 Eastern Bone Circle Poem by Michael deBeyer

33 Gather The Courage by Joyce-Anne Locking A writer faces how to view her writing career.

34 Gemini Poem by David Owen

35 Putting It Into Words by Dorothy Lynch Good beginner's article for framing stories and articles.

39 Increase Your Typing Speed by M. Bahgat Using your word processor capabilities to shorten your typing time.

41 The Spiritual Journey Poem Jacquie Lambert

42 Writing with Style by Mag Mawhinney Style versus grammar -how to decide.

43 Zeugma, Pun Intended by Claudette Sandecki Little known name for a very funny device.

44 Shackles Where Be The Dug Holes

She's A Wooden Bust At The Bow Poem by Jeramy Dodds

45 Interview with David Braddell by L. Jans Helpful writing tips.

46 Transient Poem by Joanna M. Weston

46 Bring 'em Back Alive Poem by Bob Hostetler

47 The Best Gift by Kathy Ashby A parent's day idea to putting your writing to creating joy.

49 Ternary Poem by Elana Wolff

50 A Partridge and a Cedar Tree by Jerry Jordison A new perspective to the phrase "writing is for the birds."

53 Inspiration Poem by Irene A. Godin

54 Backyard Poet by Barry Butson


  • Eden by Lenore Langs

    Reviewed by David Alec Knight

  • You Can Write Greeting Cards by Karen Ann Moore

    Reviewed by L. Jans