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JUNE 1999 ~Volume 16 No. 2

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

6 Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy -Noteworthy writing internet sites.

51 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

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62Asian Markets: by Raymond J G Wells.

64 Advertisements A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS Comics on pages 19, 33.

Quotes for Thought on pages 4, 9, 46, 50, 51, 53, 60, 63.

4 Letters to the editor

4 Reflection Poem by Anthony Chalk

Annual Short Fiction Contest Winners:

5 Third Prize Winner: Spectre by Toni Thielman, Kincardine, ON.

Honourable Mention Winner:9 The Peonies by Susan Plett, Calgary, AB.

8 Solo Herb Poem by Diana Peacock

13 The Summer of My Submission by Shannon Friesen Recognizing when to take time off writing.

15 In The Days You Were My Friend Poem by Mary Rudbeck Stanko

16 Something To Write About by Karen DeLuca Katchmeric Keeping hopeful when writing from personal experience.

19 Moon Strung Over Sea Poem by Harvey Steinberg

20 A New View Point by Dena Thompson Discover new writing insights during family visits.

21 Lukiv's Rules For Writers by Dan Lukiv

22 Busting Blocks : Building Articles: Three common obstacles and how to solve them by L. Jans Break down the barriers of writers' block.

25 Inspiration/Perspiration by Dan Lukiv

25 Get The Gnats Away Poem by Harvey Steinberg

26 What Do You Think of It by W. Allen Dyck A reflection on giving someone your honest literary opinion.

28 Interview with Kay Parley by L. JansExcellent advice from a seasoned writer.

34 But I'm No Edna St. Vincent Millay by Amy Lyn Miller Unleash your poetic voice.

37 Anna Poem by David Alec Knight

37 Clear a Space to Write or Trace Poem by Joyce Locking

38 Gift Horses for Writers by Judith Lawrence Learning to recognize and nurture writing opportunities.

40 To A Would-Be Poet Poem by Gladys Nolan

41 The New Photojournalism by Steven A. Arts Incorporate your photogenic sense in non-fiction work.

45 The Refrigerator's Cool Embrace Poem by David Alec Knight

45 A Poet's Life Poem by Shane Neilson

45 Writer's Recipe Poem by Joyce Locking

50 Spice Goal! Poem by Elizabeth Symon

46 Poets' Biographies

55 Reviews:

  • LANDA by Harvey Pine.

    Reviewed by B. Dyck

  • East End Poems by Barry Butson.

    Reviewed by Anthony Chalk

  • Bailey's Mill by Jeff Seffinga.

    Reviewed by Anthony Chalk

  • On The Other Hand by Brenda Ross.

    Reviewed by Anthony Chalk