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December 1998~Volume 15 #4

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

Spotlighting the Links by Carole Roy -Noteworthy writing internet sites.

53 NOTES Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

61 Asian Markets by Raymond J. G. Wells

64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS Comics on pages 24, 28, 34

Quotes for Thought on pages 2, 7, 13, 22, 28, 29, 32, 43, 49, 50, 63

Short Fiction Contest Winners:

4 First Prize Winner - Leader of the Pack by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher, Highland Park, New Jersey.

7 Honourable Mention Winner - Adobe Window by Jak King, Vancouver, B.C.

12 Christmas Queries -by A.C. Stone Thoughts on holiday queries sent by our writing ancestors.

12 Favorite Words Poem by Joyce Locking

14 Writing In Traditional Forms: When Is It a Real Option for Contemporary Poets? by Nils Clausson Keeping traditional form poetry alive in this day and age.

20 Steadfast Warrior Poem by Jean Powis

21 Edit Ink and Me: Going Undercover for the New York Attorney General by Lila Guzmán A discovery of literary agency fraud.

23 Creative Thinking:A Mind Game by David L.Gebhart Coaxing our creative minds to spring up endless ideas.

25 Writer Beware by Craig Etchison A word of caution before sending your manuscript to a literary agent.

29 Precisely Write! by Taylor Reese Tips on carefully choosing the exact words.

30 Track The Journey by Susan Fridkin An article to assist those New Year's Resolutions to chronicle your life.

32 The Midnight Sun Poem by Patricia Melnyk

33 Observations On Poetic Criticism by Anthony Chalk Self explanatory.

35 The Sale That Never Was by Margie Coburn Insightful thoughts on creating characters based on family members.

36 No Excuses by Mark Byers A simple truth to finding the time to write.

37 Writing for The Christian Marketplace by Vickie Phelps Familiarizing yourself with the Christian Markets.

39 Spark Plug Poem by Jean Powis

40 Old School Text Poem by Barry Butson

41 RQW3R by Charles A. Gramlich A coding strategy for fiction writing.

43 Middle-Aged Road Hockey Under the Full Moon of January Poem by Barry Butson


49 Inversions Poem by Patricia Melnyk

50 Reviews:

  • Modern Korean Verse in Sijo Form

    Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

  • Anything for a Laugh

    Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

  • You Can Get Published

    Reviewed by L. Jans

60 Writer's Glory Poem by Joyce Locking

63 Chain Poem Poem by R.D. Patrick