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Spring 1997 ~Vol.14 No. 1

Regular Features:

3 From the Editor by Deborah Ranchuk

4 Letters to the Editor: Reactions to our first issue.

11 WIND SONGS, Poetry Column by Elizabeth St Jacques. Haiku, Renga examples studied.

14 RESOURCES, Reference Review Column by Barbara Florio Graham. "Evergreen", perennial references noted here.

18 WRITING IN MEDIA by Gregory J. Robb. Copyright, electronic rights, and what's happening to your articles.

57 NOTES by Deborah Ranchuk Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guidelines.

61 The U.S. MARKETS: by Donna Bocian Currie. The small fiction magazines featured. Character motivation.

64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS Comics on pages 26, 41 and 52.

6 Mouse by Steven Manners CWJ Short Fiction Second Prize Winner

9 CWJ 1997 POETRY COMPETITION Rules and Guidelines

14 Friday Poem by Zane Parks and Carlos Colón (reprint)

17 Breaking Ground Poem by Wendy Burt.

23 Conferences Why Do We Go; What Do You Pack; Where Are They? A Selection of Conferences, and information.

27 Three Cheers For Rejection Slips by Richard L. Meister Jr. How he turns rejection slips into a great tool for communicating, with a sample form for you to adapt.

29 A Great Communicator by Beverly L. Puterbaugh. The unexpected history of greeting cards.

30 To Write Family Histories - What You Should Know byDorothy Griffin-Farish. A short how-to get started recording your families unique stories.

31 In Print! Poem by Elizabeth Symon

32 Computer Virus Myths by Rob Rosenberger & Ross M.Greenberg A special article, easily understood, concerning one of a writer's worst fears. A must read for anyone who uses computers.

42 Why I Have Not Written This Past Year by Beverly Johnson. A humourous checklist for procrastinating writers.

42 Fashion Sense Poem by Ian Donald Keeling.

43 Rules? Don't Byatt by Ruth Latta. Examining how a Booker prize winner breaks the conventions.

45 Sell It Again, Sam by A. C. Stone. The importance of those reprint rights.

46 A Passion For Words by Virginia Brady Young. The difference word placing can make!

47 Recipes Poem by Wendy K. Burt.

48 How To Get A Response On An Overdue Manuscript by Richard L. Meister Jr. Using postcards to effectively track a manuscript, and make it easier for editors to love you.

49 Can You be Funny? Let Me Count the Ways by Terry L. Stawar. How to do those humour articles that pay so well. With examples of each technique, sure to get you giggling, at least.

53 A Sampling of Current Humour Markets by Terry L. Stawar. A listing of some Canadian and American humour markets to get you started.

54 Reviews -

  • NoteWriter

    Software reviewed by Donna Boccan Currie.

  • Tale Spinners Magazine

    Reviewed by Deborah Ranchuk