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CWJ 1996 Winter ~Volume 13 #4

The first issue from White Mountain Publications

Regular Features:

3 From the (new) Editor, by Deborah Ranchuk

4 Letter to the Editor: Roasting Gordon Smart by Linda Smart Rheaume & Ranchuk's Reply.

14 WIND SONGS, Poetry Column by Elizabeth St Jacques. Haiku, Renga examples studied.

15 RESOURCES, Reference Review Column by Barbara Florio Graham. The essential references for marketing your works are reviewed

18 WRITING IN MEDIA The Electric Submission by Gregory J. Robb. Ways to gain attention for your manuscript.

57 NOTES by Deborah Ranchuk Canadian and other Markets, Contests, Notices, Awards and Writer's Guides.

60 The U.S. MARKETS: Finding Hidden Gems - by Donna Bocian Currie. The small magazines featured.

64 Advertisements - A Word from our Supporters.

SIDEBARS Comics on pages 10, 17, 32, 39

6 CWJ: Short Fiction Contest Winners Announced
Judge's Comments by Jeff Seffinga

7 First Prize Winner: The Accusation by Nadia Shworan

19 Write For Joy Poem by Doris Whitlock

20 The Marketing Game by Debra Purdy Kong -Fourth in the series on self- publishing.

22 An Author's Alphabet Poem by Elizabeth Symon

23 How to Bargain a Bigger Paycheck by Linda Berkhoudt O'Connor. This veteran freelancer negotiated her income to increase by 50% - simply by politely speaking up.

29 Adverb To Taste Poem by Louise McKelvie.

30 You Have To Please Yourself by Ruth Latta When to edit your story.

33 Fifty Tips for Writing Success by Emma Robbins Suggestions to help make 1997 a productive year.

35 Repeat Performance Poem by Elizabeth St Jacques

36 Out of the Ashes Poem by Jean Woodward Larsen

36 From The Editor Poem by Elizabeth St Jacques

37 Researching The Truth by Dena Thompson How far to go to discover the facts.

38 Answers To Questions Most Often Asked about Writing Contests By Suzan L. Wiener A question and answer approach to deciding whether or not to enter that contest.

40 Strong Words by Brenda Ross How editing can strengthen your work.

41 From 9-5 At Your Own Pace by Jean Powis Some questions worth asking for the novice writer, at whatever age.

43 Setting in Genre Fiction by Florence Cardinal Takes one scene through six genres to vividly show how it is done.

46 Word on the Street by Deborah Ranchuk A brief note and photo from the premiere of our logo in Toronto, and why your small press should be there next year.

47 Time Management Tips by Barbara Florio Graham Some reminders for 1997 on how a busy person can hope to do it all.

48 Spectrum Poem by Renee Norman


  • Love & Death at the Mall

    Reviewed by Elizabeth St Jacques

  • Writing to Learn

    Reviewed by Elizabeth St Jacques

  • Long Long Ago

    Reviewed by Beatrice Repp

  • One Man's Journey to Faith

    Reviewed by Alice Cundiff