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CWJ -1985 July-August cover

July-August 1985 Index~Volume 2 No. 2


Ronald J. Cooke Ltd., Beaconsfield, QC


Ronald J. Cooke

Associate Editor

Alice M. Daly


John Victor

LayOut Artist

Neil Wildenmann

40 pages ISSN: 0827-293X

2 The Battle of the Romance Publishers by Ronald J. Cooke Synopsis of the romance writing market, target audience, publishers.

9 Research Brings Writing to Life! by Jean Wyatt Importance of research for authenticity

12 Marketing Advice

14 Writers and Their Tools by John Victor Tape recorders and stenograph machines, advice on typewriters.

18 Good Things Don't Change by Eileen Goodman Style basics reiterated from Strunk & White.

19 Survey Writing Easy and Profitable

22 Letters to the CWJ

23 Words of Writing Wisdom by Harry P McKeever Selling shorter pieces while shopping larger manuscripts around.

25 A Scrapbook of Writing Memories by Gene Boone Using acceptance and rejection letters in a 'writing diary" scrapbook.

26 The Seniors Are On The Move The prediction of an increasing seniors writing interest.

27 What Does It Mean? Some proofreading symbols explained.

28 How Much Can You Make On A Book? by Ronald J. Cooke US vs. Canada writing market editorial.

32 Writing Is a Plague... by Martha Goerzen The obsession of writing.

34 Compromise is the Key by David W. Ashlee Coping with revisions.

36 Markets

38 Classified