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Sample Manuscript Pages

Leave one inch (2.5 cm) border around all sides of the page. But do not make an actual visible line.

Name (Pen Name)
City, Prov/State
Country Postal Code

Rights Offered



YOUR NAME or whatever Pen name you are using.

Story starts indented with a brilliant opening to catch the

reader's attention. It is double spaced so that your harried and

overworked reader/editor will not go blind at least until they finish

your story and pick up someone else's less professional manuscript.

On computers, and especially if the publisher is requesting that

your final submission come on disk, please, please, please do not

double space after a sentence period. It takes time to take all these

extra spaces out. Use one side of the paper only. Left hand

justification, not full, and a font other than Courier or Arial, but not

a fancy one. Your writing should be the focus of the editor's attention

and not the fact that you have 400 fonts in your machine

Your thrilling story carries the reader flawlessly into the next page,

Your Name: Story or Book Title

Page 2

      and they can't put it down until they've finished it.

At the end of the article, mark it as the end; sometimes it is

not as evident as we would like to think. Give the editor and the

typesetter a clue.